7 reasons why Cremants of France are more fun than Champagne


The word “Sparkling wine” and the mention of it is more than enough to intrigue a wine lover’s mind and senses. There are a number of kinds of sparkling wine, some of which are often compared to with Champagne. This kind of comparison is not something that is absurd or unworthy because there are varying reasons as to how the simple yet scintillating “Cremants of France” is something that can equally compete with the taste and the other factors of Champagne. There are several kinds of sparkling wine and the Cremant Alsace ad Bourgogne is definitely the one that tops the chart. This special kind of sparkling wine has gained its recognition over the years, and people nowadays are actually opting for this specific type in place of Champagne. Before we opt to talk about the varying reasons as to why the Cremants of France stands out as the best of the lot, let us discuss some of the different kinds of sparkling wines that are often talked about except for the mentioned type and also apart from Champagne.

Types of Sparkling wine

There are a number of varieties of Sparkling wine, Cremant Alsace ad Bourgogne being one of the most popular varieties. Some of the other varieties which are often bought in by the wine lovers are enlisted below. Before we proceed to the types, it is best to have the basic idea as to what the sparkling wine translates to. Sparkling wine is something that can be considered as the cross between a carbonated drink and a posh wine type. It is basically a type of wine with some added fizz in it. We have listed some of the most popular kinds of sparkling wines that are available and known to the wine lovers.


Champagne is probably one of the most popular varieties of sparkling wine, and the grapes went into making it are mostly cultivated in the extremity of the weather conditions in which the grapes struggle with the ripening process. It is primarily grown in the limestone chalk soils which make sure to maintain the perfect balance amongst the acidity along with the richness of the wine. Champagne is that specific type of wine which isn’t best consumed when aged and most of the vintage champagnes are definitely going to cost you a lot. The non vintage type is the one which is mostly bought because finding the perfect grapes which are the perfect amount of ripe and has that richness to it.


Cremant, on the other hand, is yet another type of sparkling wine which has gained the recognition and popularity over the last few years. The name “cremant” is something that was given because the wine had more of a creamy feel to the palette than a fuzzy kind of feeling. The cremant is the type of sparkling wine which doesn’t have a nose tingling fizz but a very subtle and subdued amount of carbon dioxide in it. These types of wines are mostly available in France by the name of Cremant, and there are not just one but seven to eight different types of it which are available in France. Some of which are:

  • Cremant d’Alsace
  • Cremant de Bordeaux
  • Cremant de Bourgogne
  • Cremant de Die
  • Cremant de Jura
  • Cremant de Limoux
  • Cremant de Loire
  • Cremant de Savoie

The numbers of sparkling wine under the French appellations are varying, and all of them are better than the other. It is important to know that with the growing years of popularity of the sparkling wines, people are often switching to Cremant in place of Champagne.

Reasons to love cremant more than champagne

The rise in the popularity of cremant over champagne has been witnessed by the wine lovers over the years. There are several reasons some of which are mentioned below. There is literally not much difference between the two given the fact that they are both subclasses of the sparkling wine types. Many wine lovers often tend to stick to the good old champagne because of the name it beholds and the status it entails, but many people often tend not to realise that Cremant is definitely one of the good ones to switch to in order to let the amount go easy on the account. Some of the main good characteristics of Cremant over Champagne are mentioned below:

  • It is made as the same process of Champagne

As many people often know that the production of Champagne is something that is restricted to a certain part of France and people outside the region are not allowed to use the same procedure nor do the climatic conditions allow them to do so. The wine producers outside of the region often have to include the term “champenoise” on their labels in order to mention the use of the process. It was later after a number of legislative procedures and several another wrangling that the production and term of Cremant were granted by the AOC. This, in turn, entails that the production of Cremant is something that is similar to the process of production of Champagne and thus requires little to less modification and tastes just perfectly fine, just with a little less carbonation and a more of a creamier taste on the palette.

  • Cremant has a much better value in comparison to Champagne

The fact that wine lovers very well know that Champagne fall under the category of a luxury drink definitely makes it have a price that is luxuriously high. The price of a bottle of Champagne in comparison to a bottle of Cremant is comparatively lower. It has been seen in a lot of places that the difference in the price is sometimes double or even triple times which is something that is definitely not something that everyone can afford. If you wish to spend a substantial amount in a bottle of wine, several wine researchers and wine lovers have claimed that the taste of Cremant is something that is going to be far better in comparison to the Champagne even with the varying prices of the two bottles.

  • Cremant tastes immaculately better in comparison to Champagne

It is always a good feeling to pay less and get better products. The Cremant is definitely one such example. In comparison to Champagne and the price that we normally have to pay for it, Cremant definitely tastes better and also costs a lot less. Cremant that are produced in France are not just of one single variety but are found in a number of varieties. Not just that, since the Cremant is often made with the same procedure as that of the Champagne, it tastes just the same, if not better. The one variety of Cremant that stands out in the lot among the several others has to be the Cremant Alsace ad Bourgogne which is one of the popular seven types of Cremants that are found and produced in France. Even with every good thing comes a con and there are some varieties amongst them which are often treated as something that has a blended taste and not the authentic sparkling wine flavor. This is one of the reasons some people tend to stick with the authentic tasting ones and avoid the ones which are somewhat of an acquired taste. But all in all, every single one of the variety stands out in the lot and tastes just as fine, can even be compared to the taste of the Champagne and even beat it.

  • The varying types of sparkling wines to have a taste from

Champagne is something that is just one of its kinds, and there are not much to choose from. It must definitely get bland and boring after drinking the same kind of champagne with the passing time. With Cremant, you get seven different varieties to choose from, some of which are mentioned above. Seven different varieties, in turn, insinuate the fact that the drinker gets to choose from seven distinct flavors. The different varieties taste completely different from each other and are something that is a great thing for people who easily get bored with the taste of a drink and want something new to try from. The bourgnon variety of the Cremant is one of the best in the lot and is also the one which sells the most amongst all the seven varieties. Apart from that, each of the seven types makes usage of different kinds of grape variety which are produced and cultivated in different kinds of weather conditions which in turn is the reason for the varying taste of the wine.

  • Makes you look like a bit wine clever

This is yet another positive aspect of treating the Cremant better in comparison to Champagne. Often, it has been seen that offering Champagne is something that makes other people list you as a show off and someone who has little to no knowledge about the wines or any kind of alcoholic beverage and turns to Champagne as their last resort. When you try and indulge your friends into trying something new, it helps you in scoring those extra points when it comes to being regarded as “wine savvy.” Not just that, the cheque at the end of the meal is definitely going to help you in leaving behind a lasting impression because it is going to cost you a lot less in comparison to a bottle of Champagne. It is often seen that many people resort to Champagne as the last thing when they have literally no more idea about what to suggest, and this is definitely the time to change that because you can indefinitely help cement your knowledge about wine by indulging them in the seven different varieties of Cremant from which people can even choose from.

  • Cremant is much easily available than Champagne

It is definitely time for the wine and the bubble lovers to raise their glasses because the varying types of Cremant that are being extensively produced in France are being easily exported throughout the world for people to enjoy. Most people would normally infer that the export of these bottles, in turn, mean that the price of the wine bottle in turn increases which are something that is not that sharp rise in case of Cremant but is definitely going to cost you a lot if it’s a Champagne bottle, especially a vintage one.

  • The blends and taste are varying

This is yet another major pro of Cremant over Champagne because the taste of it is far more pronounced on the palette than the other sparkling wine types, especially Champagne. The light fizz and more of the creamy texture on the palette leave behind a great blend in the aftertaste and is not overpowering when paired with meals or even desserts if chosen wisely. It is very important to try the different types of blends and the different variants to have a clear idea as to which one is the best for your taste buds or which one you like the most. With the given price of the liquor, it can be very well drawn that it is always better to try the more popular one rather than, the more expensive one.

To sum it all up, sparkling wines and the variety between them is something that has been progressively elevating. The taste and the type of wine that people prefer are totally and completely on their taste buds and how they perceive the taste. It is often seen in a number of cases that most people tend to prefer Cremant more over Champagne or vice versa. Cremant has a far more pronounced taste; you get different variants to choose from and is going to cost you lesser money than a bottle of Champagne would. It is thus best to choose the one that would help you seem more knowledgeable about wines and is also going to go easy on your pockets. If sparkling wine is something you are thinking about, Cremant is definitely the best in the lot.