Champagne vs. Prosecco, more than Italy vs. France

Be it a party or a simple dinner at home with some friends, a type of sparkling wine is always on top of the list. Now, there are many kinds of sparkling wines, but here we are discussing two of the most famous ones and the ones that are competing with each other i.e. Champagne and Prosecco. Champagne comes from Italy and Prosecco comes from France, so it can also be named as a competition between Italy and France. People before didn’t know much about drinks, but now they have a lot of knowledge about the kinds and also which they would prefer on the basis of different categories. Different drinks are made for different cuisines. So, that is also a point to be remembered when choosing a drink. Now if you are a wine lover and you haven’t tasted any of these two, then you are missing out on a lot of things.

Sometimes it can be really hard while you’re trying to decide which wine you want to have when you have a lot of it on your shelves, so this is a guide to tell you the differences between Champagne and Prosecco.


Champagne is a type of sparkling wine that is produced from different types of grapes that are grown in France. There are certain rules that one has to follow to name their drink ‘Champagne.’ Also, the products, the production, and the region should be from the countries that produce that particular grape required for the production of Champagne. The term cannot be used outside France. But the difference here is, Champagne isn’t one of those drinks that taste good when it’s old.

Champagnes are generally made from three different kinds of grapes, grown in specific regions. These grapes determine the taste of the champagne. The types are:


  • Chardonnay:This is a kind of white grape that gives a fresh, elegant and refreshing Champagne as a result.
  • Pinot Noir:This is kind of red grape which structures the champagne and gives it a nice body. This grape provides the champagne with a complex, earthy flavor where you can taste red berries.
  • Pinot Meunier:This is a kind of red grape that makes the Champagne fruity and provides us with a floral aroma. This is specifically best for the newer champagnes.

After these grapes come to the process of fermentation, where the second fermentation is done by adding some sugar and yeast to the champagne bottle and then it is kept aside and aged for at least 15 months. The yeast gives the Champagne a bread and biscuit like note which again increases with the time that it ages for. The time during the secondary fermentation, Carbon dioxide is created which gets dissolved in the wine and thus produces bubbles when the bottle is opened.

The types of Champagnes

There are many different types of Champagnes in the market that are produced. Listed below are the major ones:

  • Vintage: The Champagnes that are made from the grapes that are produced in a single year are termed as Vintage. It is generally grown in some years and then is used to produce Champagnes. This lot of Champagne is very rich in flavor. This is the best one to be served with food.


  • Non Vintage: This type of the champagne is made by blending different wines over the years. This is a real form of blending. It can either be different types of grapes, the different years or even the different places they are grown in. But the twist is, all the blending is done before the second fermentation takes place. They are generally consumed right after they are produced.


  • Blanc de Noirs: This type is produced with red grapes. This is generally a complex and fruitier version when compared to the other champagnes. Fleury Blanc de Noirs can be a basic example of this type.


  • Blanc de Blancs: This type is produced with white grapes. This is comparatively lighter and more elegant that the other ones. This comes in both the vintage and non vintage categories too.


  • Rosé: Rosé champagne, unlike rosé wine, is made by blending two different wines i.e. the red wine and the white wine.


The different brands of Champagne:

There are different varieties of wines, but then there are several different brands too. so listed below are some of the popular brands:

  • DomPerignon: This Champagne is produced by one of the biggest wine producers in France, Moet & Chandon. This is generally aged for 7 years before it is ready to be sold in the market. In each year, around 5 million champagne bottles of this brand are made even after having such a high price. It costs £100 per bottle.
  • Armand de Brignac: This is generally called the “Ace of Spades.” Now, this brand is owned by Jay Z. This is also one of the most popular brands of Champagne in the market. It costs around £200/bottle.


  • Cristal: This is famous because of the celebrities promoting it and also because of the look it has, the orange over the clear bottle makes it stand out in the crowd of all the other brands. It costs nearly £150.


  • Bollinger: This is again an amazing brand of champagne but a very smaller one in comparison to others. They mainly use Pinot Noir while making this drink and also some other methods in order to make it full of flavor and toasty. It costs around £40 150 for every bottle.


  • Perrier Jouët Champagne: With its famous flower bottle, it is also another one of the valuable ones on the list. It costs around £30 in the case of the non vintage and nearly £130 for the vintage ones.



Prosecco is again a type of sparkling wine that is produced in Italy. Its basic types are spumante , tranquility, and frizzante. Prosecco is produced from Glera grapes, also known as Prosecco. There are other grapes too. The name of this wine was derived from the village from where the grape came that is mainly used to make this wine. The main regions that produce this particular wine are the Veneto and Friuli Giulia surrounding regions.  Prosecco is produced using Charmat Martinotti process where the secondary fermentation is done in stainless steel tanks which in turn makes it a lot more affordable than that of Champagne.

Different types of Prosecco

There are majorly three different types of Prosecco that are available in and around Italy. It can be sparkling or spumante, semi sparkling or frizzante or even still i.e. tranquility. The most popular and common among these would be spumante, also considered as the most iconic Prosecco. Tranquillo is a less common and rare type and is also not exported outside Italy too much. Spumante and frizzante are of three different types. They are generally differentiated by how much sugar is present in the final product.

  • Brut: Brut is the modern type Prosecco and is popular worldwide. It contains less than even 12 grams of sugar/liter of the wine. It is very exciting on your palate with citrus aromas. It compliments fish and vegetable dishes and is generally served at 7 9⁰


  • Extra Dry: Extra dry is a traditional style which has a very mellow yet crispy taste to it. It has hints of apple flavors, pear and also citrus flavors all through it with some floral aromas. It has the sugar level between 12 to 17 grams for every liter of the drink. It is paired with seafood, vegetables, and white meat and is served at 8 10⁰


  • Dry (between 17 and 32 grams of sugar per liter): Dry is the least common one produced in comparison to the other two. Its sugar level ranges from 17 32 grams of sugar per liter of the wine, and it works to showcase the fruitiness and also the floral aromas that work through it. The blend of citrus with green apples or white peaches gives us the tangy, soft and mellow flavor. This is best had with pastries and spicy food items and is served at 7 8⁰


The Different Brands of Prosecco:

  • Mia Prosecco: It is Crisp and refreshing. It is packed with a fruity flavor and is presently the best buy considering its price and taste both.


  • Miotto Prosecco: This is the perfect complement to meat dishes, seafood, cheesy dishes, Its complexity makes it a great drink for conversation starters and also has a funky flavor to it.


  • Prosecco Rustico Nino Franco: This can be paired either with food items or even can be had on its own, it is a bright, delicate and fragrant wine with the taste of peaches, apples and pears blended into it.


  • Primaterra Prosecco: This has a crisp, delicate and a touch of mineral flavor in it with floral aromas making this dry wine an amazing wine for its price and taste.


  • Treviso Cornaro Extra Dry Spumante Prosecco: This is a fruity wine bursting with different flavors, and it works nicely when paired with several kinds of food items.

Champagne vs. Prosecco

When we are comparing Champagne and prosecco, two different types of Sparkling wines, it very important to focus on the most important points that we can find to compare them in the best possible way:

  • Production Methods:

Champagne is prepared using all the traditional ways, Méthode Champenoise. Whereas prosecco differs in one case that is it uses a steel tank for the second fermentation. Prosecco uses a much more affordable option which in turn reduces the cost price of the drink. In the case of Champagne they use the traditional methods for the second fermentation, but in the case of prosecco, it is much faster and easier because of the steel tanks that are used.


  • Taste Profiles

Champagne and Prosecco differ hugely in the case of taste profiles. The first flavors of Champagne are citrus, cherry, toast, white peach and almond whereas Prosecco’s primary flavors generally are green apple, honeysuckle, honeydew, fresh cream, and pear. Also because the champagne is generally older than that of prosecco, it has the bubbles all throughout. Prosecco is more fruit oriented because of the grapes that are used to make it, but it doesn’t have as many bubbles like a bottle of champagne does.


  • Food item you can Pair them with

Champagne is the best when it is paired with shellfish, pickled vegetables, appetizers, etc. because of its dry and high acidity. It can also be enjoyed with the basic potato chips. But in the case of prosecco, because of its sweet taste, it goes well with cured meat, fruit appetizers, etc. Prosecco can also be paired with Asian food items.


  • Bubbles

Till 19th century, prosecco didn’t have bubbles in it, whereas Champagne was always the bubbly drink and it has been mentioned time and again, that people could taste stars while having a glass of champagne. Though now prosecco also has the bubbly texture in it.


  • Sweetness

Prosecco has three different levels of sweetness i.e. Brut, Extra Dry, and Dry. These three determine how sweet the wine would be depending on the level of sugar present in it. in the case of champagne, there are five levels Brut, Extra Sec, Sec, Demi Sec, and Doux which again does the same job.


  • Flavor

Champagne takes up more of a yeast character whereas prosecco has more of a fruity flavor through it. otherwise, there is no major difference that can spot out with the flavor since both the wines are equally elegant and tasty.


  • Cost

This is a very important point while comparing any product. Now when it comes to drinks, it’s even more important since the best ones are generally costly. In general, basic Champagne costs around 3 times to that of the price of one basic prosecco. This is major because of the process that both the wines are prepared, wherein the case of prosecco a lot of money is saved. So, it’s a lot cheaper than that of champagne. But if you are not that price specific then this won’t bother you.