Why the Cremants of France Are Giving Champagnes a Run for Their Money

A launching party of a jewelry brand or a premier party, champagne has the exclusive identity and presence to add sophistication as well as glamor. But, now time is changing. People are getting more knowledge about different types of drinks. Like cuisines of different countries, drinks are also making their exclusive place. That’s why drinks like Spanish Cava or French Cremants are gaining huge popularity. If you are a wine lover and prefer sparkling wine as one of the most favorite drinks of all time, you can’t resist yourself from testing cremants once in your life. Champagne is common, but cremants is still unique and has many things to offer.

If you want to start comparing cremants and champagne, you will get many grounds. Champagne and cremants both are made on French grounds. Still, in number games, cremants is going ahead faster to replace champagne’s omnipresence nature. Cremant Alsace ad Bourgogne is definitely one of the most attractive names in the world of sparkling wine. So, before we dig deep into the reasons why cremants is taking the market of champagne, we think you should know more about this special sparkling wine.

Sparkling Wine Types

Today, there are different types of sparkling wine you can enjoy. If you make a list, cremants will definitely take the top of the list. If you don’t want to have any carbonated drinks and the posh hard drinks are out of your budget now, sparkling wine can make your day celebratory. It has the capacity to make your leisure fill with enjoyment. When you pour sparkling wine into a glass, and the golden glitz blows your mind, you can’t miss the spluttering bubbles to make your evening. While talking about the most interesting types of sparkling wine, the names that come to mind are:

  • French Champagne
  • French Cremant
  • Italian Prosecco
  • Spanish Cava

These are certain sparkling wines that you will love to taste the differences. There must be certain differences, but the only similarity between all these drinks are golden bubbles that own your heart.


Champagne is one of the most popular kinds of sparkling wine, but this is bound by laws to use the term outside France. The grapes are differently grown that are used to prepare champagne as a special type of limestone chalk soils are needed to grow these grapes as the acidity of this soil helps to make the wine rich. Unlike other hard drinks, champagne does not taste great if it gets aged. If you still looking for vintage champagne; you need to pay a good amount for that. After all, all good things come with a price.


For so many years, champagne was ruling the market as the most popular sparkling wine. But, in recent times, specifically, in the last few years, French cremants are winning hearts and giving tough competition to champagne. You can say that in several ways, cremant is replacing champagne. In France, ‘Cremant’ is used to term anything ‘creamy.’ Have you ever tried cremants? If you try it for the first time, you can feel a creamy feeling at your palette along with the fuzzy taste. Another interesting feature of cremants is that the fizz won’t give you a nose tingling effect, but a subtle amount of fizzy tone as it contains carbon dioxide in it. Cremants is an authentic French drink which is available in several varieties, and each type is different than the others. Some of the most awesome cremants available at market are

  • Cremant de Bourgogne
  • Cremant d’Alsace
  • Cremant de Die
  • Cremant de Bordeaux
  • Cremant de Jura
  • Cremant de Savoie
  • Cremant de Limoux
  • Cremant de Loire

It is very difficult to say which one is better than the other as each has certain specific qualities in it. Once you taste each variety, you can only realize the specifications of those.

Why Cremant Is Getting the Maximum Hype over than Champagne

True wine lovers can explain why in recent years the demand of cremants is uprising than champagne. It is true that there are not many differences between these two drinks as both are types of sparkling wine. Many people of old school love to have champagne as they take it as the symbol of vintage style living; again, people, who love to experiment and with some modern thinking, may want to switch to cremants as they think they will get something new there. Experts have come up with certain exclusive reasons of the growing fame of cremants that is overlapping champagne

  1. Made in Similar Process, Still Different

It is known to many wine lovers that the climate of making champagne can be getting only a certain part of France and the government also doesn’t allow using the same methods to prepare champagne outside that part. In order to give their drink the label of champagne, many outside brands use the term ‘champenoise’ to market their product. But, after a certain time, this process lost its worth, and the popular brands came up with the name ‘Cremants’ to bring their sparkling wine at the market. So, the preparation process is almost same; but there is a subtle change in taste. Cremants is creamier, and it contains lesser carbonation.

  1. The Taste Is Better than Champagne

When you get similar or better products at a much lesser price, you automatically get inclined to that product. Cremant can set the mood of your evening, and it is not that much priced as champagne. Cremant is available in a number of varieties in France and each taste better than the other. We have discussed the most popular types of cremants, produced in Italy. Do you know which one is the best among the lot? All wine lovers will vote for Cremant Alsace ad Bourgogne as this is the authentic cremant you can find in France. With lots of good things, certain issues also appear. There are certain variations of cremants which are blended varieties and doesn’t taste authentic. This is the only reason that many people want to stick to the traditional drink over than experimenting blended shades. But, overall, it tastes even better than champagne any day and leaves awesomeness on your palette.

  1. Cremant Is Within Your Rich

If you are extremely passionate about wine, you should go for champagne. But, if you want to taste sparkling wine within budget, cremants will welcome you with open hands. Basically, champagne is a luxurious drink that comes with a lush price tag. Wine lovers know that a bottle of champagne is comparatively pricey than that of cremants. So, why to go for champagne when you get cremants at an affordable price? And if you talk about taste, we have already mentioned there is very little difference in taste between these two top sparkling wines.

  1. Be a Connoisseur of Wine

Yes, cremant can make you so. So far, in any gathering or get together, you ended up serving champagne to your guests. There must be certain variation, right? If people know that wine is a must while having dinner at your place, you should surprise them with variety, and you can only do that by serving cremants. You know there are eight types of cremants available at the market. You can pick one and serve it to your guest. This will refresh your image as a true wine lover and also a person who is passionate about wine. After all, who can know about such variants of wine unless you are a crazy lover of it!

  1. Variety Is the Key to Popularity

We can’t stop here while talking why cremants is better than champagne. If you are having champagne, you get only one variety of it, and there is no chance of experimentation. While passing the time or gossiping with friends, you need something that adds spice to your discussion. Champagne never accompanies you there; rather it can make your spicy meeting boring and bland. Come to cremants as it offers you eight varieties. With so many variants, wine lovers get the chance to choose anything from them that goes with your mood. Experts say your drink talks about your personality. If you want to describe it through your drink, cremants can help you there. With seven different flavors, it can create an amazing feeling on your palette and set your mood for the occasion. The only reason that each cremants create different taste is that each is produced from different varieties of grapes that are cultured and processed in completely unique styles.

  1. Availability Is Another Reason

Cremants are not bound by any laws. Those can be produced anywhere if the atmosphere is favorable. That’s why this bubbly and sparkling drink has crazy lover around the world. As this has good availability, there is no need to export it to other countries, and therefore, there is little chance of additional value which is not applicable for champagne.

So, these are the reasons that you need to know about cremants. Have a glass of sparkling wine and enjoy reading this article.